Project Management

The law firm’s legal project management includes, among others, the legal management of projects in the construction and industrial sector, either in form of an ongoing project accompanying consultation or – largely – in the entire legal organization, monitoring and control of (construction) projects with individual volumes of up to the three-digit million Euro range. The target is to optimally structure such projects, to eliminate specific risk factors and to efficiently coordinate the project parties. Empirical studies of the law firm, repeatedly published, show that due to this, the impacts of time and cost intensive risk factors alone could have been reduced by up to 80%.

A special form of the project management is the Stand-By-Consulting developed by the law firm. One or several lawyers of the law firm are permanently available for the client for consultation by telephone, e-mail, fax or on-site.

The time of circulation, measured from the receipt of the client’s inquiry to the performed profound consultation, usually amounts to less than 1 working hour, in case of written response usually less than 8 working hours. This is possible due to a special logic developed and tested for years by the law firm itself, exceptionally well trained consultants and well-practiced back-office teams.