Conflict Management

The law firm’s conflict management includes, among others, the classic legal practice of both extrajudicial and judicial protection of interests, as well as the application of innovative conflict resolution mechanisms, especially performing of construction mediations, conciliations and arbitration proceedings, both national and international. Such Alternative Dispute Resolution techniques were developed in the US, specifically tailored to the construction sector by the law firm and – for the first time in Europe – have been successfully established in the market since 1999. 90% of the construction mediations performed by the law firm were finished successfully, i.e. with the conclusion of a contractual settlement on the resolution of the conflict. In the context of the Stand-By-Conciliation developed by the law firm, a special form of the project accompanying conflict resolution, one or several mediators (mediator teams) are available on call in order to solve construction related issues on site, i.e. on the construction site. Technical experts are involved according to a special logic developed by the law firm itself; thus, the problem is solved legally and technically in the shortest time possible. In this way, production procedure disturbances, delays in construction and uncontrolled cost-overruns are avoided.