Coaching of Managers

We train specialists and executive staff from the sectors of building industries, construction trade and public construction administration with major subjects construction and procurement. Through the transfer of sustained knowledge in the sectors construction and procurement, real estates and economics, the offered coaching in first line is for the immediate improvement of performance and skills of your staff. With our coaching we can improve management competences of your executive staff (“Management coaching”, “Executive coaching”) or support tightly focused the development of specialists and executive staff as well as potentials (“Leadership coaching”). Range, content and duration will be coordinated individually with our clients (“Coachee”). Mostly we work in one-to-one lessons but we can also offer team coachings or special coachings for projects. Only well experienced specialist lawyers of our law firm with multiple skills (authorization as specialist lawyer and successfully passed apprenticeship as mediator) will be your coach. If you’d like to they will practically accompany your specialists and executive staff for a predefined time in their daily business and support them in the implementation of their new skills. The coaching of executive staff is usually confidential.