Private Construction

In the field of private construction law, the law firm managed a number of projects in structural and civil engineering, road construction, engineering construction, industrial construction and plant construction both home and abroad, including retirement homes, medical centers and hospitals, including polyclinics, rehabilitation centers, flood control facilities and levees, train stations, harbors and airports, autobahns, federal highways, countryside highways and other road construction projects of the qualified road construction including automobile routes, speedways and test tracks, bridges and bridge renovation, municipal building activities of all kinds, school and university buildings, research centers, penal institutions, military facilities (NATO building operations), including lodging facilities, development and canal building activities including wastewater treatment plant construction, agricultural construction, biogas, solar and wind power stations, recycling plants, interim sites for storage of nuclear waste, industrial and public administration buildings of all kinds as well as a wide range of other residential and commercial houses ranging from single-family houses to entire local centers and districts both home and abroad.