The law firm kohl rechtsanwälte was founded in 1994 with the aim of providing highly specialized legal services in national and international construction, public procurement, real estate and commercial law according to the requirements of modern economic life. And it remains committed to this aim to this day.

As an essential part of a long-term successful owner-managed group, it occupies an outstanding market position in the field of legal construction project and conflict management.

The law firm’s clients include companies from the construction sector ranging from craft enterprises to medium-sized groups to global companies, contracting authorities and public awarding entities, architect’s and engineering offices as well as their insurance companies, banks, investors and trading companies, each both from home and abroad.

Most of the law firm’s advisers provide professional dual and multiple qualifications, were trained abroad or in international law and partially have long-term practical (leadership) experience in the construction industry or in related economic sectors. Together with back office staff with above average qualifications, they form well-practiced teams which annually support clients and manage projects from the locations in Trier, Saarbrücken and Luxembourg worldwide and in 10 working languages with a total volume of several hundred million Euros.

The law firm has itself and via affiliated companies its own construction technicians, construction engineers and specialist translators and thus, an expertise unique in the market Environment.